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April, 28th 2022

On the upcoming single "Bitter" available Friday May 6th, Phélan let's out quite the roar.  "On this song, I am so angry!  I'm basically getting payback for a lover who cheated on me."  Bitter has hints of blues, doo-wop, pop and other elements.  "I was inspired by so many greats when I recorded this.  I think Frankie Lyman was my main inspiration.  I loved the way he attacked the notes and sustained his pitch.  I also feel like Prince is always a major vocal influence as well."  On 'Bitter' Phélan declares in one stanza "The way you fucked over my heart, I'm fucking up all your shit."  There's plenty of rage being expressed.  "I've never personally been through this situation exactly, but I have felt that kind of pain before. When I wrote the song, I connected to that energy. It was almost like me going back in time and doing things over.  Instead of being the nice guy, this is what my first mind really wanted to say and do when I was hurting.  Don't we all think like that?"  Bitter is available on all streaming platforms on May 6th, 2022.  Click the link below to pre-save on Spotify.

Phelan Talks About Being "Bitter": News
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