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Rising R&B Artist Phélan Kicks Off The New Year With New Music, "The Worst Thing"

"Phélan exhibits a vocal equivalent to a quivering drawl. In some stanzas, it even oozes as an illustrious diphthong that begs listeners to open their hearts and bleed their emotions."

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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Phélan – “The Worst Thing”

"On Phélan’s single “The Worst Thing”, the typical drunken text turns into an all-out beg fest. laden with harmonies, off the cuff key changes and ends literally on a high note."

Soul Supreme

Best Kept Secret: Phélan

"That was fire! Fire, fire, fire!  Back in the 90's you had Silkk and Jodeci.  He is bringing me back to that era of R & B. This brother is tight!"

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